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The property that was to become Dos Corrientes was purchased in 2006 by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Don Wilson and Heather Rose. The more they visited and learned about the country, its people, and their way of life, the more the owners realized they had to try to make a difference and in 2019 the vision for Dos Corrientes was born. In January of 2020, these two passionate Canadians moved to Ecuador full time in order to realize their vision of fostering sustainable and resilient rural communities.


“Dos Corrientes”, which is Spanish for Two Currents, takes its name from the waters offshore where something remarkable, almost magical, happens. The strong, warm El Nino Current from the north meets with the equally strong Humboldt Current from the south. The confluence of these two currents produces conditions that support one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine environments, a habitat for numerous and diverse species, including humpback whales, manta rays and giant sea turtles.


These two powerful currents meet directly offshore from the property before setting up a current that flows west for hundreds of kilometers, eventually reaching the Galapagos Islands, a natural wonder of the world. The currents’ distinctive and remarkable blend of nutrients results in an astounding abundance of flora and fauna from both continents. This aquatic resource is one of the many things Ecuador has to share with the world.​​​

Our Mission



To create a sustainable model that can be duplicated and used worldwide to reduce poverty and develop communities.


Strengthen communities and the next generation through home-based food production, vocational education and an economic engine to provide practical education and employment.


1. Facilitate home-based food production systems courses along with community gardens to enhance nutrition and health.


2. Provide skill-based education built on a platform of entrepreneursim to provide knowledge and employment.


3. Create an ecovillage of like-minded people who will participate in the four dimentions of sustainability (society, culture, ecology and economy).

Board of Directors

Andy Semotiuk

Ann Semotiuk

Don Wilson

Heather Rose

Katie Nelson

Steve Santoro


César Andrade

David Bowen

María Reyes

Mariuxi Pico


As a humble tribute to the two currents above which we stand and from which so much grows, we dedicate the name "Dos Corrientes".

Heather and Don

With your support, Dos Corrientes will provide education, agriculture and leadership to help rural communities become self-sustaining. Our initiatives will create jobs, provide access to nourishing food and help to relieve poverty.

Together we can empower women, men and the next generation!


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