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Fall into Ecuador's Embrace


In the near future, we invite you to discover the essence of Ecuador and welcome you as a resident of the Dos Corrientes Ecovillage, a place that connects you to the people, the land and the sea. 

Liguiqui is nature’s playground at its finest. There is hiking, swimming, kite surfing, snorkeling and wildlife sight-seeing. For all the foodies, you’ll be treated to local farm-to-table cuisine, morning coffee grown from neighboring crops and introduced to seaside restaurants featuring the freshest fish. Visits to neighboring ecological projects can be arranged.

And for those inclined to do so, we welcome you to learn alongside our students in the field. The student’s day will be spent in the classroom and in practical work.  The practical work under the guidance of professors and maestros will be carried out building and running all aspects of the Ecovillage including hospitality, food preparation, construction and day to day operations. Your residency will contribute to the student's full experience of learning and applying their skills in the Eco-lodge as well as in their own communities.


Some have said if you stand perfectly still on the edges of our property overlooking the Pacific ocean, it is possible to feel the positive, nourishing energy of the currents working their magic.


This is the inspiration behind the Dos Corrientes Ecovillage.  Building materials and amenities will be sustainable, environmentally kind and locally sourced. Rental profits can be reinvested into our agricultural and educational programs. Homes will be uniquely crafted to promote tranquility, peace and regeneration.

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